Who are we and what do we stand for? 

Tim O'Mara: B.S. in Criminal Justice with minors in psychology and sociology, he also has attended Nashville Tennesse police academy and continues training with pistol, rifle, and shotgun led by S.W.A.T. Instructors SOF operators. Actively trains alongside of military special forces and Marines. Over 20 years of security experience with a vast array of job details ranging from bars, lounges, nightclubs, restaurants, and private members only establishments as well as providing protection for dignataries and celebrities. Tim stresses the importance of providing a very high level of hospitality and customer service while at the same time maintaining safety risks and dangers. implementing a safe way to eliminate threats. Tim has worked with countless managers, general managers, and bar owners to custom taylor security programs that best benefit the requirements of each specific location. Constantly assessing procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness. Always keeping in mind securing the location, protecting  staff, clients, assets, and accounting for legal responsibilities. Tim's exceptional leadership qualities and ability to make quick decisions in hostile or stressful conditions is a great asset to Bellator. 
Connor Gwynn: Marine Served as Sergeant in the Marine Corps infantry based out of Camp Pendleton California. Honorably served 8yrs with two tours in Iraq as a squad leader and has been in the security industry 15yrs. Connor's experience with multiple facets of job details ranging from personal security details, executive protection, lounges, nightclubs and government contracts. He has developed an understanding of the importance of providing a very high level of hospitality and customer service while identifying risks and dangers and implementing a safety procedures to deter possible threats. He works with our clients to customize programs that best benefit the requirements of clients location and assets. Countinuesly accessing procedures to ensure highest effectiveness, always keeping in mind the location, staff, clientel, assets, and our legal responsibilities.

Bellator's focus is on the client, our aproach to each case is tailored to the specific needs. You can expect frequent feedback so that the security solution is completed with the client in mind. 
Bellator has grown in the last 7 years to provide complete protection services for individuals, groups, and organizations alike with our highest emphasis on service
We only hire the best agents in the industry and train them to higher more elite level. Our management team is available 24/7, instilling with highest value quality of service and professional experience. 
We have a profesional reputation for being able to handle any situation involving hospitality, customer service and emergency medical services and overall protecting the lives of our clients in a manner that we are often referred to as "one of the family."
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