Here's what we offer to make you feel safe and secure.

  1. Static and Roving Guards
    Bellator provides our customers polite, level headed, elite protection with a focus on maintaining your venue's excellent reputation while providing the most efficient service. Our static and roving protection staff have years of experience in all facets of venues. Our personnel is trained in crowd control, we tailor our agents to respond to each scenario uniquely. Our agents can be high or low profile. Contracting with Bellator gives owners the additional benefit of insurance and reducing liability and financial exposure
  2. Executive Protection and Personal Security Details
    Bellator can provide hourly, event or extended duration of close protection at any level. Executive and personal protection agents will give professional help, assistance and protection. In addition team leaders will command the operators ensuring the overall running and leadership within the team. Our teams are former Army ODA, MARSOC, Rangers and SF.
  3. Asset Recovery
    Our recovery agents have over 25 years of federal and law enforcement experience. We are capable of handling some of the most dangerous, delicate business and personal asset matters. our services include: Theft investigations, Fraud, Witness relocation, child recovery, and surveillance
  4. Consulting and Risk Management
    Bellator provides some of the leading industry consulting and management. Our consulting is provided by Lt. Col. Eugene T. Gwynn U.S. Army Special Forces retired. He served with 7th group in Vietnam and his service extended to the pentagon and private contracting. Lieutenant Colonel Gwynn's years of special operations, P.S.D and E.P. work helps tailor the best program for our clients needs.